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  • Networked with other professionals
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio


Strategic Oil and Gas Leader that resolves issues of new Technology at commercial scale and brings to international market. History of successful sales strategy development. Strong coaching skills.
                            Co-Founder School of Purpose

Business Consultant supporting technology start-ups in the energy industry and improving production availability at commercial facilities with new technology. Expert within gasification community, seasoned throughout engineering life-cycle from conceptual design to optimizing commercial operation. Inventive and positive nature always seeking proven solutions. Significant experience in growing technology sales through licensing.

Deep interest in people development, which started with tutoring mathematics and physics, evolved into leadership and coaching and accumulated in creating the School of Purpose.

Expertise in:
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Alliance Building
      • Contract Negotiations
      • Licensing
      • Gasification
      • Natural Gas and Syngas Processing
      • Oil Sands Upgrading

Permanent resident of Canada.


  1. Co-Founder, School of Purpose

    Through spiritual inspiration and contemporary personal development practice, the school guides your quest for a purpose in life by changing how you think about your life and business.

  2. -
    Principal Consultant, SecuoS

    Developed a marketing plan to sell ARTIS live to operational LNG sites.

    Participated in a security of supply study to investigate issues, e.g., grid capacity limitations and utilisation of available producers, when the energy produced by intermittent renewable sources increases during the energy transition.

  3. -
    Advisor Technology Development, Oil Sands - Nexen Energy ULC

    Reviewed limitations of present Long Lake facility (steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and Upgrader), defining and quantifying bottlenecks and generating and evaluating conceptual solutions, improving safety, reliability, economics (yield), and / or environmental performance.

    Prepared upgrader modifications, for Solvent De-asphalting, Thermal Cracking, and Hydrocracking, and for conversion of syngas into petrochemical products for future improvements, increasing yield and reducing green-house gas (GHG) emissions.

    Drafted Asphaltene Gasification Unit (AGU) maintenance plan for 2017 Annual Operating Plan and aligned various stakeholders behind plan.

    Participated in revalidation HAZard and OPerability study (HAZOP) and safety desktop review, confirming Process Safety of AGU and reducing non-critical open action items from 158 to 76.

  4. -
    Technical Advisor Gasification, Upgrader Operations – Long Lake - Fort McMurray - Nexen Energy ULC

    Provided technical advice on operation and preventive maintenance, including pro-active monitoring and long-term improvements for gasification, syngas processing (Selexol, PSA) and soot slurry filtration, resolving issues.

    Improved desalter operation, protecting upgrader units.

    Led efforts to increase reliability and remove capacity constraints (mitigating threats to availability), ensuring all bitumen produced can be processed through upgrader during ramping-up of SAGD production.

    Zero Based Analysis (Stroud) quantified impact of threats on premium synthetic crude oil production. Issues were systematically resolved by changing operating practice, preventive maintenance practice, and changes in design.

    Trained Co-op and Engineer-In-Training (EIT) on presentation skills and function of upgrader, becoming familiar with how integrated SAGD – Upgrader facility works.

  5. -
    Global Licensing Manager, Shell Global Solutions

    Portfolio of licensed CO2 and Sulphur Technologies

    Developed and implemented strategy to increase business, through organizing workshops and attending conferences in strategic regions, multiplying global licensing income from $3.2M US to $20M US per year:

    • Built and led international group of 12 dedicated licensing persons (based in Amsterdam, Calgary, Houston, Kuala Lumpur and Tehran), negotiating hundreds of license agreements.

    • Enhanced access to segmented market through improved business cooperation with authorized licensors and extended sales network with new agents and preferred contractors.

    Strengthened value of technology portfolio:

    • Captured operational feedback from units built under license, incorporating innovations from in-house research and development program.

    • Brought Shell-Paques to mature state (biological desulphurization). Team won 2007 IChemE Sellafield Award for Engineering Excellence.

    • Initiated and drove acquisition of Cansolv, Canadian based technology firm, with technology for capturing SO2 and CO2 from flue gas.
  6. -
    Chairman Staff Council, Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

    Activated entire staff council to cooperative mode, individually improving specific areas that were important. Team contributed to amazing development of Shell Global Solutions as one of most successful expanding commercial organizations.